Yoshi Goes for a Ride – Environmental Awareness Training

May 1, 2014

Sustainability education for Nissan Japan plant employees (in partnership with TM NewMedia Inc.)

nissan obstacle 3 flying partsThis interactive 20-minute course, awarded the Industry Minister’s Prize at Japan’s e-Learning World 2007, uses an entertaining story-based approach (see storyboard EXCERPT and screen mockups) to introduce Nissan Japan’s 30,000 production employees to the serious sustainability issues facing auto makers, and to the varied measures being taken by Nissan to address these issues.

Produced in both English and Japanese, the course takes learners on a test drive with Pivo, a NISSAN electric concept car, and highlights the innovative technologies and programs deployed by the company to curb CO2 emissions, reduce the use of chemicals, and achieve one of the highest recycling rates in the industry.

Jacques was lead designer on this course, and led the content and course review process on behalf of The Natural Step, and in close collaboration with both Nissan Japan the development team at TM NewMedia. All partners judged the project a success,with the team overcoming language barriers and other challenges to produce a useful and effective learning tool. See PRESS RELEASE here and Japanese press COVERAGE.pivo 3 quarter view

This is the first time that an e-learning course actually got me ENGAGED! (Nissan Japan employee.)


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