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Guides to elearning

Great Free Guides to e-Learning

If you've been working in elearning for a while, people newer to the field or clients just getting into it probably ask you for good general guides to e-learning. I've come across a number of these over the years,...

Teaching machines featured

Compassionate Teaching Machines

Recently I was researching images related to early educational technology, for an interesting video project I'm working on. I came upon terrific photos and videos of Skinner's 1950s-era teaching machines. It is fascinating to see this in 2015.

Supply and Demand Funnel

Add “Content Curator” to your CV!

Like many other “knowledge workers”, instructional designers never quite manage to explain to their moms what it is they do. “Oh, he does something with computers and is on the phone a lot”, you hear her telling her neighbour...

JL MOOC video frame

MOOCs – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Let me start by saying I do NOT consider myself an expert on MOOCs. Until this spring, I had never taken a MOOC, and I had only read a handful of serious articles on the subject. So when the...

Spent - featured Mom needs help

Spent – A serious game on being poor

"Spent" is a relatively simple, yet innovative "serious game" that I reviewed as part of a recent project for the National Coordinating Centre on the Determinants of Health. The game was developed by an advertising agency rather than a...


e-Learning Quality Assessment “Lite”

Much has been written about quality in e-learning, and numerous e-learning quality assessment schemes have been developed over the years. A fairly recent "Guide to Quality in Online Learning" by Neil Butcher and Merridy Wilson-Strydom is a good review...


E-learning & Wine: Who Cares if They’re Good?

Having worked many years in training and e-learning, and a few years in the wine business as well, I realized recently that both these industries face somewhat related issues with quality. Sadly, way too many consumers of both these...


Three Kinds of E-learning – Still Drinkable


The WordPress Pig Farm

co2 simulation

How Much CO2 Is Too Much?

I hate it when people talk about the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without putting real numbers on the problem. Oh sure, there's beginning to be some sort of wishy-washy jello-like sort of consensus on numbers like "80%...

what stops action - featured

What Stops Personal Action on Climate Change?

Everyone involved in some way in sustainability or environmental work can't help but get pissed off and frustrated at the bozos who still idle their monster pick-ups in July while they're in the liquor store, or the penile...


Simple is Good (Sometimes)

With so much video happening, we've lost some of the art and craft of scientific and technical illustration, and I really hope we get some of this back.

parachute cats - featured

Like, Everything’s Connected, Man

One of the difficult realities about sustainability is that it's so huge and all-encompassing. So one key mindset we need if we're learning about and working on sustainability issues is systems thinking.



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