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e-Learning Quality Assessment “Lite”

Want a clean, lite, solid assessment of elearning courses, for yourself or your team? Read on…

Much has been written about quality in e-learning, and numerous e-learning quality assessment schemes have been developed over the years. A fairly recent “Guide...


E-learning & Wine: Who Cares if They’re Good?

Having worked many years in training and e-learning, and a few years in the wine business as well, I realized recently that both these industries face somewhat related issues with quality. Sadly, way too many consumers of both these...


Three Kinds of E-learning – Still Drinkable

When you’ve been in the e-learning biz (or any industry for that matter) for a long time, you experience many developments, trends, fads, fashions, and of course numerous changes in jargon and terminology. Years ago  (I’ll let you try to...


The WordPress Pig Farm

Some months ago, as I was hustling work contracts, I submitted what I thought was a pretty good quote for a compliance training effort. Online scenario-based training seemed to be a good strategy for the context, and I thought...


How Much CO2 Is Too Much?

Being one of those analytical, left-brain, anal, dorky types, I hate it when people talk about the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without putting real numbers on the problem. Oh sure, there’s beginning to be some sort of...


What Stops Personal Action on Climate Change?

Everyone involved in some way in sustainability or environmental work can’t help but get pissed off  and frustrated at the bozos who still idle their monster pick-ups in July while they’re in the liquor store, or the penile implant...


Simple is Good (Sometimes)

Sometimes, keeping things simple is just…. wrong!

findxBut then, sometimes it’s really helpful. As in the following graphic, that we used in a very short e-learning course for...


Like, Everything’s Connected, Man

parachute catsOne of the difficult realities about sustainability is that it’s so huge and all-encompassing. So one key mindset we need if we’re learning about and working on sustainability...



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