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An e-learning mega-project – Francisation en ligne (FEL)

FEL image for portfolioJacques had the amazing opportunity to work on this huge Québec Ministry of Immigration  project for about 7 years, as it evolved from an idea shared...


Yoshi Goes for a Ride – Environmental Awareness Training

Sustainability education for Nissan Japan plant employees (in partnership with TM NewMedia Inc.)

nissan obstacle 3 flying partsThis interactive 20-minute course, awarded the...


Sustainability Step by Natural Step

french alcoa 1-hr section overviewCreated for The Natural Step Canada, this 4-hour award-winning eLearning course provides a rich, interactive overview...


Telling Stories at Hydro-Québec

An e-learning course intended to raise the awareness of thousands of Hydro-Québec employees on the company’s sustainability Action Plan could have been a pretty...


A Training/E-learning methodology with Staying Power

Processus InventaireAs co-owner and managing partner of groupe Mentor in Montreal, Jacques was responsible for devising and continuously improving the processes and methodology used by...


Best Practices Research with Brandon Hall

Hall coversFor a number of years, Jacques was a senior researcher with brandon-hall.com, a job which provided a great opportunity to stay up to date with the growing e-learning...


Cities and Climate Change

It’s nice when the World Bank comes knocking – even if a...


Training in Organic Farming – Online + On-farm!

The Organic Farming Institute of British Columbia (ofibc.org) offers first-rate training in organic farming. Unique in Canada, OFIBC training is designed to meet the needs of farmers. Courses are a combination of rich and varied online...


Blended Learning for Sustainability Change Agents

A unique approach to sustainability education for the European chemical industry

BTH DL titleJ. LeCavalier & Associates played an active role in the design and launch of...


Helping GreenLearning.ca Be Even Better


Jacques Lecavalier was selected as external evaluator for the Pembina Institute’s GreenLearning.ca initiative, a sustainability education web site serving Canadian school teachers and students. In this role, he completed...



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